Wildlife recording

Under development!
We have several options for entering your wildlife sightings:

Keen recorders who record a lot of sightings can send us bulk updates of records, e.g. via a spreadsheet or MapMate sync file;

Naturalists who want to use our online recording regularly and/or want to track their own entries can register with the site for free here;

Anyone who wants to tell us about a sighting can phone or email us during office hours, or use our "one off" data entry form here:

Anyone who wants to join in with a special survey project, e.g. GWT's Seen a Hedgehog? survey, can enter their records here - log in first if you are registered, or just use the online form without registering.

Benefits of registering with GCER:
If you already use iRecord you may be able to access your iRecord and GCER records on the same map, as they both use the same data "warehouse". This will work only if you register with the same email address for both.

Any registered recorder will be able to look back at, and download, their own record entries, including a distribution map;
Any registered user can see other recent sightings for the county.
If you're registered we can also send you updates of wildlife recording ID course that might be of interest, if you choose the "keep in touch" option.

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